The Road In Front Of You


When looking at the road in front of you and the road behind you what is really the difference?

Experience? Time?

The road that’s behind you was, at one point, in front of you. The fear, the excitement, and the trepidation of traveling the road in front of you is always with you. There’s always a road in front of you but how you travel that road is up to you. Are you blindly going to travel on ice or are you going to ask your heavenly father for help and guidance? I choose asking for help and guidance.

Why blindly travel down the road that you don’t know what’s at the end when you can ask for help and guidance from your heavenly father who knows exactly what is at the end of that road for you.

Take that step of faith! Trust God! He will never fail you! He will never lead you astray!


I Breathe You In God!

Boy those Torwalt’s really know how to write a song!

This song has helped me on more than one occasion this past year. Well, between this song and Oceans (Where Feet May Fail).

It has been a hard transition from Texas to Virginia. Yet, through it all I choose to worship God and even when my feet may fail God is with me.


There were many promises that were given to me over this past year that don’t seem to have any follow through. Not on God’s part; but, by people.

…When I don’t understand I GET to choose You...



I don’t understand God. I don’t understand or know who He has for me to be friends with here.

…I WILL choose to love You God…


I do know that I miss my bestie more than I want to let on. I miss friends in general.

…I will call upon Your name. Keep my eyes above the waves when oceans rise…


I do know that it is ALL in God’s hands and in His timing.

….my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior.


A Year of Lasts: Part 1

Once I realized I was really leaving Texas and moving to Virginia it hit me that everything I did was my last time to do it.

*My last birthday with the BFF family

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*My last batch of Mama Janie’s cookies from Heaven


*My last time to set my classroom up…


*My last faculty photo….

IMG_0210 377128_2396039676909_1392722730_n528096_2396035396802_1401475_n

My year continued with many many more lasts. I am blown away at how God moved during the year of “lasts” for me.  He opened doors that I thought would never be opened; and, closed some that I thought would never be closed.

Through it all God has remained the center of it all. I would be nothing without Him.

What is your story? Have you seen Him move in your life?

It’s Time

During my debating with God about moving half way across the country I told Him I wanted proof that this was Him and not me being silly….

I was on my way to a doctor’s appointment, an hour and a half away, and was thinking about what I had read in The Circle Maker the day before. I was thinking about who I wanted in my circle. It was during this time that I finally just opened up to God and cried. By the time I made it to my appointment I was drained, excited, and nervous (about the appointment). I knew I was suppose to move; but, I just did not know when or where.  By the way if you have not ready The Circle Maker you should.




I texted the BFF on my way home and asked if I could stop by. I was empty of tears and needed her to bounce things off of. We were in her kitchen (a normal gathering place for us) and I started to gush and spill what had happened in the car.

Me: I feel like God is getting me ready for a move. I think I’m moving back home.

BFF: I knew this was coming.

WHAT?!?! You knew this was coming and you couldn’t give a girl a heads up? That was what I wanted to say; but, instead I cried.

Here was conformation. But, God did not stop there.

The following Sunday I was at church and a friend came up to me and asked, “When are you moving?”. Just like that. No, “Hey, how ya doing?”.

Here was another conformation.

It gets better, too. In between choir practice and church starting I checked my FB. God strikes again with my friend from Virginia. The post said…. “It’s time.”

With that my year of “lasts” started.







Say What?!?

It was about a year ago that God started to really prepare my heart for a wild and crazy adventure. He wanted me to move back home to Virginia from Texas. He wanted me to do this as a single person.  Not married and with kids as I had always envisioned.

This is the short version of how this played out…

God: You are moving to Virginia.

Me: You must be smokin’ crack!

I’m pretty sure I may have just made somebody mad by that response. I can pretend that I’m holier then thou; but, why when God already knew I was thinking it. I like to talk to God like I would a close friend because He is.

There were a few months of debating with God about this move; and, well, God won. I packed up my PT Cruiser and away I went.

It has been a whirlwind ever since! Don’t worry… I will fill you in.


Why Lil Blue Boo?

Why Lil Blue Boo?

Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo came up on my radar about a year ago. She is the first person I have followed via a blog.

Why Lil Blue Boo?



*she puts her all into everything

*she is hilarious

*makes you look at yourself

*her very open fight with cancer


*her strength

*love for life

My list can go on; but, I think you understand and get the idea.

What a phenomenal post she put up Saturday. She talks about investing your life in others.

My life is opposite of Ashley’s. I don’t remember a time where I told God to leave me alone. I don’t remember running from Him or turning my back on Him. Even when my mom died and I became super depressed I did not run from God. I knew He was with me; but, I did not make an effort to be with Him. I was never mad at Him for her death nor daddy’s for that fact. I will tell you that I never though I would be turning 39 and NOT have my parents alive. There are still some hard times.

Well, back to Lil Blue Boo… Add it to you “must read” blogs. You will laugh, cry, maybe pee a little from the laughing, snort out loud when laughing, reflect on yourself, and grow as a person. Wait, I think I just gave away a little too much information about myself here…..