Beach Bunny Equals Snow Bunny?!?!?

Well, winter storm Janus was a total blast! It was my first time to visit the beach and it have more SNOW than SAND visible.
We started with a much needed coffee to warm up our insides before the real adventure started!


Virginia Beach oceanfront here we come!!!


The city did a wonderful job clearing the highway (4 inches of snow is a big deal for this resort city).










Jog on the Boardwalk anybody???


Atlantic Avenue was way too much fun in the big ole truck. I would never have been a passenger on a trek like this in a non 4X4 vehicle.
Insert disclaimer here: Don’t try this at home!

We decided to eat lunch at one of the Oceanfront restaurants. What a view!





We were able to score TWO days off of school! WOOT WOOT

I love the fact that the Beach Bunnies turned into Snow Bunnies. Well, at least for two days.

How is your winter going?


A Trip to Jamestown

There are a few perks (okay many perks) to teaching in a private school in Virginia and one is field trips! In the 12 years of teaching public school in Texas I took my kids on ONE field trip. That was a pretty sad trip, too.

Well, the week after Thanksgiving I took my kids to Jamestown. That’s right the Jamestown. We loaded up in the cars are off we went. We were there and back all by 2:45. I LOVE IT!!! The History lover in me is eating up the fact that history is right at my fingertips everywhere I turn.

The current site of Jamestown is not the original site by only a little ways away. The original site has the archaeologist doing their thing. Here is the link to their homepage if you are interested in their findings, Jamestown Rediscovery. I find it really cool!

Here are a few pictures of our time…


In the Indian village there was a circle of totem poles that represented their church.



Of course there were selfies taken. It is me we are talking about!


These are the Indian homes.

Leaving the Indian Village we went down to the pier. Here the Susan Constant is docked.



We learned how to tie seaworthy knots and about her voyage.


Upon boarding we were welcomed by the Captain.


After the ship we went into the British village.




There are a gillion more pictures that I could post; but, I have a feeling you get the idea.  Needless to say I had a blast!!!

It Only Took 27 Years!


Thanksgiving Day could not have come fast enough this year! I have not had Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family in over 27 years.

HEY!!! STOP doing the math. I was a wee little babe then. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I had the honor of being my cousin Adam’s first ever Thanksgiving guest. When I say honor I do indeed mean honor. WOW! When his wife Britney told me this I teared up. She did a phenomenal meal that I now refer to as, Thanksgiving #1.


It might take a few minutes or so to answer this next question; but, can you pick out which person I am blood related to in this picture???  Oh, little cuz, I do so adore you and your family.


After lunch we were entertained by Adam The Great! That was quit the scene. It took 10 minutes to get Britney and Kenzi to even participate. They know you too well Adam. Britney is not peaking I swear. Ok, maybe she is just a little.


We left their house and headed over to my cousin Lynn’s house. To help you connect the family dots here it goes like this…. Lynn is my first cousin. Adam (her third kid) is my second cousin. Kenzi (Adam’s daughter) is my third cousin.

I remember Thanksgiving with Lynn growing up. This had been *the* Thanksgiving I have been waiting for for so many years. Thanksgiving with MY Lynn! AKA Lynnie Lou.  The people at the table have changed; but, the same feeling was there. And you know what was best? It was my FIRST Thanksgiving at the ADULT table! Ironically, I was sitting with the same people at this table that I sat with at the kids table.

HEY! When did we all grow up?!?!?


After Thanksgiving meal #2 we played football. Oh, yes, I did indeed play. I mean how hard could it be to play touch football with my cousins?!? Little did I know! There may have been some trash talk and the gigantic “L” on the forehead for looser flashed; but, they deserved it. Don’t judge me! You were not there. My cousins are hard core!  Granted I may have aimed my hostilities toward the Second graders; but, still you were not there.


There was supposed to be Thanksgiving #3; but, I went shopping instead. I had to work off meals #1 and #2.

How was your Thanksgiving?

I Think I Just Saw Me

I tried another new church today…. LOVED IT!!! We have a winner.

I hate the road that got me here; but, without that road I would not be where I am in my life. So, I guess, I really don’t hate that road I just did not like who I was on that road when I tried to do it on my own.


PRAISE GOD!!!! He stood with me and strengthened me.

After church I did some driving around and found this cute little village. ADORABLE!!! By adorable I mean it had a Target, Panera Bread, Michael’s, T.J. Max and Pier 1 all together. This place was the first neighborhood I found that had my “must have” stores and NOT be in a ghetto neighborhood. It only took  5 months to find; but, alas, it has been found.

Be still my heart!!!

It was today that I caught a glimpse of who I used to be… happy, creative, and with an un-quenching desire to worship God and be surrounded by His people. Today was the first time in 5 months I felt home. I am not talking about family time. I have been so blessed with family time and can’t wait for more. I’m talking about finding a home spiritually. My spirit has been longing for home. The Bible tells us to come together and worship Him. I needed to find that place. The place Holy Spirit was leading me to. I can’t wait to get connected and involved. I miss being involved! I miss serving! I miss gathering with like minded people with the soul purpose of loving and serving God.

The music was phenomenal! The preaching spot on! Two pages of notes. Notes… I have missed taking notes.

Insert a deep breath and smile from ear to ear.

I know that my journey in becoming the me that God has designed and called is a continual journey. I am so thankful that He has not given up on anything He has every promised me. I take to heart Luke 1:45! In fact it is everywhere. I have it taped to my mirror and on a post-it note in my car.


I can’t wait to see more of me coming back. I feel like I have been in hibernation since I arrived here in June. I feel like I have been launched out there and am alone. It reminds me of when daddy died and I had to find my own spiritual legs to stand on. I no longer had daddy’s to lean on. It was time to “man up” and walk the walk. What a bumpy road. Here I am again, I no longer have to BFF to lean on and have to do things on my own. There are no friends to lean on here. I am forced to find my own ground and place. It’s time for me to let Holy Spirt do His job and me to do mine. Mine is to rest in Him. Trust Him. Shut my mouth and listen. And obey.


Rosie the Riveter, Uncle Si, and An Escapee

In my first 12 years of teaching participating in “Spirit Day” was frowned upon. What if there was an unscheduled parent conference.  It was said that it would be hard to take us (the teacher) serious if we were in our “Spirit Day” gear.

BUT, year 13 has come! Now, I’m in a new school that I ADORE!!!  The principal is phenomenal and encourages participation in all things fun. So, today, I participated. That’s right I PARTICIPATED!

Rosie the Riveter made her debut today!


Did you know that “Rosie” is a Starbucks fan?!?!? The things we learn.


To my surprise, Rosie and Uncle Si are friends. Again, the things we learn. In this situation Uncle Si is a super sweet little girl in kindergarten.


I could not resist getting a shot of her in my classroom! Simply adorable.


We were also greeted by an escapee from the psych ward. How fitting on this full moon Friday.


Look at me posting TWO posts in ONE day. Plus, how many post can you find with Rosie the Riveter, Uncle Si and a psych ward escapee in them?!?!?!

Have a great weekend!

I Breathe You In God!

Boy those Torwalt’s really know how to write a song!

This song has helped me on more than one occasion this past year. Well, between this song and Oceans (Where Feet May Fail).

It has been a hard transition from Texas to Virginia. Yet, through it all I choose to worship God and even when my feet may fail God is with me.


There were many promises that were given to me over this past year that don’t seem to have any follow through. Not on God’s part; but, by people.

…When I don’t understand I GET to choose You...



I don’t understand God. I don’t understand or know who He has for me to be friends with here.

…I WILL choose to love You God…


I do know that I miss my bestie more than I want to let on. I miss friends in general.

…I will call upon Your name. Keep my eyes above the waves when oceans rise…


I do know that it is ALL in God’s hands and in His timing.

….my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior.