Beach Bunny Equals Snow Bunny?!?!?

Well, winter storm Janus was a total blast! It was my first time to visit the beach and it have more SNOW than SAND visible.
We started with a much needed coffee to warm up our insides before the real adventure started!


Virginia Beach oceanfront here we come!!!


The city did a wonderful job clearing the highway (4 inches of snow is a big deal for this resort city).










Jog on the Boardwalk anybody???


Atlantic Avenue was way too much fun in the big ole truck. I would never have been a passenger on a trek like this in a non 4X4 vehicle.
Insert disclaimer here: Don’t try this at home!

We decided to eat lunch at one of the Oceanfront restaurants. What a view!





We were able to score TWO days off of school! WOOT WOOT

I love the fact that the Beach Bunnies turned into Snow Bunnies. Well, at least for two days.

How is your winter going?


Neptune Festival

Talk about fun! Aside from the windburn, sunburn, hordes of people, exhaustion, parking ticket, and pain I had a blast! See….


We made the parade! WOOT WOOT

1374188_3515326618383_407318794_n 1379669_3515328698435_62520269_n 625523_3515331378502_1872799062_n

Is it just me or do parades become a bit redundant??? So we moved on to the Pier and Boardwalk.

993701_3515325138346_1708410926_n 1238344_3515307537906_1390303869_n 946024_3516138038668_917656629_n

This little museum was on the Boardwalk and FREE! We stopped in. The sign totally cracked me up!


We came upon the free sculptures and were super excited to see the international competition mega sculptures. HMMMM- the line was an hour long and we were starving. We settled with the free ones and found some food.

1382102_3515338338676_1691640452_n 1381898_3515341778762_1311310312_n


Mr. Neptune himself!

1383492_3515335298600_1315464855_n 1382277_3515337178647_783348396_n

My most favorite Boardwalk sign!!!


Then the aftermath…..


The waves and wind impeded the wonderful regatta and only a few boats were out there. I was bummed.

All in all a great Saturday! A big thanks to my roommate for going with me!

Got A Little Crafty

I need a school spirited shirt for Friday’s so I can wear jeans at work. Jeans are what make Friday’s the BEST.

I was given a JoAnn’s gift card for my birthday and decided to see what they had. On a side note, the JoAnn’s here are cruddy compared to the one back in Texas.  I was able to find some iron on letters and numbers. For last minute spiritedness it’s a SCORE!

I dug in my closet and found a t-shirt that would work and for FREE I now own a school spirited t-shirt. BRING ON THE JEANS!!!



The fact that the letters and numbers are not straight do annoy me; but, I’m not the one that has to look at it all day. Plus, jeans people. Jeans!


HA! Maybe I will get a roommate to take a real picture so the letters are not backwards.

Here ya go! Free school spirit thanks to a gift card and my own closet.

Made Me A Skirt

There is nothing like black and white damask! I could use it for anything!






I used my favorite pattern, Kati Cupcake Everyday Skirt, to create this beauty.

Made Me A Skirt

The pattern calls for 6 panels to be cut; but, I like it with 4. I only do the pleats for the front and not all the way around.  My reasoning is that using all 6 panels makes the skirt a little heavy for my liking.  Then again, the plus to using all 6 is the fullness it gives you.

The best part about using my pattern again is the money I have now saved. Each and every time I repeat a patter I have saved money. That money can then be used to buy MORE fabric. More fabric makes this Freackled Beauty super happy. Or as Phil Robertson would say, “HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!’

Look at me throwing in Duck Dynasty to a sewing post.  Hey! That’s a fact, Jack!

Labor Day Yumminess

I headed out to Trader Joe’s yesterday and grabbed some veggie kabob’s, among other goodies mind you.

Those veggie kabob’s were only $4.99 for two gigantic skewers of fresh yumminess.

I now have Labor Day lunch and dinner for $5.00!  SCORE!!!




I sauteed the veggies in virgin organic coconut oil and added some yummy seasonings.

What is on your Labor Day menu?


Farmers Market. Beach. Only $2.00!

That’s right only $2.00! I went to the farmers market and enjoyed the beach for only $2.00.

I know you are asking how; so, I will fill you in on my secret…. I walked!

I parked four blocks back in the infamous FREE PARKING zone. It beat the horrid fight for a parking spot with the tourists and I did not have to shell out $5.00  once I beat one of them to a spot.

I started my morning by walking around The Old Beach Farmers Market. I fell in love on the spot! What a fun place.


corn truck

I ran into my friend from typing class, Tonya. She is phenomenal! Just sayin’ She is the owner of a really yummy Vegan and Gluten Free bakery called My Vegan Sweet Tooth. Her GF chocolate chip cookies… TO. DIE. FOR. I had her ship them to me in Texas. Yep, that good.

Tonya and Me The Old Beach Farmers Market

After some long awaited bonding I huffed it to the beach.  This is when I soaked in some much needed vitamin D and my freckles expanded.

I decided to take a walk along the boardwalk towards the Pier. There were plenty of spots open on the sand. I kinda wish I would have packed my beach attire. I really need to invest in a beach tent….

I made it to the Fishing Pier and decided I wanted to venture on it and see what I would stumble upon. It cost me $2.00 and on I went.  There were fishermen everywhere and of every make and model. One kid caught a Blue Crab. He let it go and it scurried in the opposite direction. I saw some guys cleaning their fish. Gross and WAY cool all at the same time. It was really a nice relaxing walk. This time I wish I would have brought my book with me. That would have been nice. The waves crashing, the smell of saltwater, and no sand in my bum! The $2.00 was for as long as you wanted to stay on the Fishing Pier.

Such a great deal!

I walked back to my car in a different direction and soaked up more of the culture. I do love that I moved back home.

2.00 beach day

FYI: Rhonna Designs App = wonderful!