I’m Tausha. The original Freckles On The Side girl.

I love to sew, read and take pictures of everything going on in my life. Oh, I also love to find a bargain. My bargain hunting is linked to my childhood. My childhood of being poor. Do you remember Hash? I got sent to my room once for telling my mom I was tired of Hash. Put a plate of beans and cornbread in front of me, and to this day, I will gag.

I can remember that we played outside all day in the summer and after school. We came home when Daddy whistled. We could go anywhere, except for Kristy’s house (I still have no idea why), as long as we could hear Daddy whistle. The choices were endless. Thank goodness Daddy was blessed with an extra loud whistler. Can I get an AMEN?!?

The hours upon hours of freedom outside did not come without it’s casualties. The casualty of my face that is.

Somebody would always tell me, “Tausha, you got a tan today.”

My reply, “No (stupid- not really but I was thinking it), my freckles ran together.”

I had to go with this reply since kicking people in the knee-caps would have gotten me a spanking. I did a lot of damage to the people who said wise cracks like this to me. In my imagination that is. And let me tell you… I LOVED IT!

Today, I love my freckles. They come with me everywhere I go. Sometimes they like to be more involved in my day to day activity and other days they are more relaxed.

Welcome to Freckles On The Side!


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