A Trip to Jamestown

There are a few perks (okay many perks) to teaching in a private school in Virginia and one is field trips! In the 12 years of teaching public school in Texas I took my kids on ONE field trip. That was a pretty sad trip, too.

Well, the week after Thanksgiving I took my kids to Jamestown. That’s right the Jamestown. We loaded up in the cars are off we went. We were there and back all by 2:45. I LOVE IT!!! The History lover in me is eating up the fact that history is right at my fingertips everywhere I turn.

The current site of Jamestown is not the original site by only a little ways away. The original site has the archaeologist doing their thing. Here is the link to their homepage if you are interested in their findings, Jamestown Rediscovery. I find it really cool!

Here are a few pictures of our time…


In the Indian village there was a circle of totem poles that represented their church.



Of course there were selfies taken. It is me we are talking about!


These are the Indian homes.

Leaving the Indian Village we went down to the pier. Here the Susan Constant is docked.



We learned how to tie seaworthy knots and about her voyage.


Upon boarding we were welcomed by the Captain.


After the ship we went into the British village.




There are a gillion more pictures that I could post; but, I have a feeling you get the idea.  Needless to say I had a blast!!!


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