It’s That Time!

There has been lots of sewing going on over here. Well, not as much as I would like.

I pulled out my favorite apron pattern and whipped out an apron for the faculty Christmas party.


I picked pattern B; but kept it all one fabric. This was my first time using only one fabric and not a contrast. I liked the overall look; however, it needs a ribbon on the hem of the top apron skirt to add a bit of color.






The faculty party was a blast and the apron a hit! WOOT WOOT

But, there was some spilling of hot apple cider. Ok, it was luke warm by the time I ended up wearing it. Hey, my cheesecake was in jeopardy of falling on the floor when my elbow was knocked. It went down like this….

ACTION: I walk over to my spot on the couch with my 100% homemade berry cheesecake in hand. I begin the sitting process when my elbow is knocked. I continue the sitting process while my cheesecake begins Olympic winning somersaults in the opposite direction.

**Note things begin to move in slow motion at this point**

Me: MYYYY CHHEEEESSEEECCCCAAAKKEE! (that’s me typing in slow motion)

Faculty members: GAAAAASP

Phew! my cheesecake was caught without any damage. HEY?!?! Why does my lap feel warm.  Oh, yeah, I had apple cider in my other hand and it landed upside down on my lap. Folks, that means I was also sitting in a puddle of cider.




From what I hear my bum had a cider ring as well.

I’m thanking my God that it was not HOT apple cider when this happened.


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