It Only Took 27 Years!


Thanksgiving Day could not have come fast enough this year! I have not had Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family in over 27 years.

HEY!!! STOP doing the math. I was a wee little babe then. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I had the honor of being my cousin Adam’s first ever Thanksgiving guest. When I say honor I do indeed mean honor. WOW! When his wife Britney told me this I teared up. She did a phenomenal meal that I now refer to as, Thanksgiving #1.


It might take a few minutes or so to answer this next question; but, can you pick out which person I am blood related to in this picture???  Oh, little cuz, I do so adore you and your family.


After lunch we were entertained by Adam The Great! That was quit the scene. It took 10 minutes to get Britney and Kenzi to even participate. They know you too well Adam. Britney is not peaking I swear. Ok, maybe she is just a little.


We left their house and headed over to my cousin Lynn’s house. To help you connect the family dots here it goes like this…. Lynn is my first cousin. Adam (her third kid) is my second cousin. Kenzi (Adam’s daughter) is my third cousin.

I remember Thanksgiving with Lynn growing up. This had been *the* Thanksgiving I have been waiting for for so many years. Thanksgiving with MY Lynn! AKA Lynnie Lou.  The people at the table have changed; but, the same feeling was there. And you know what was best? It was my FIRST Thanksgiving at the ADULT table! Ironically, I was sitting with the same people at this table that I sat with at the kids table.

HEY! When did we all grow up?!?!?


After Thanksgiving meal #2 we played football. Oh, yes, I did indeed play. I mean how hard could it be to play touch football with my cousins?!? Little did I know! There may have been some trash talk and the gigantic “L” on the forehead for looser flashed; but, they deserved it. Don’t judge me! You were not there. My cousins are hard core!  Granted I may have aimed my hostilities toward the Second graders; but, still you were not there.


There was supposed to be Thanksgiving #3; but, I went shopping instead. I had to work off meals #1 and #2.

How was your Thanksgiving?


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