Pre-Turkey Day Practice

The roommate and I (one of three roommates) ended up spending Sunday together. There was way too much fun and a whole lot of mess.




You must ignore the hair. There was a plethora  of wind yesterday. Out of my respect for the wind I choose to sport a pair of pants to church. It was either that or show my skivvies to the fellow attendees. Well, it would truly make a first impression. Hmmmm…


We scooted on over to Panera and had lunch. Michael’s was next. GREAT day already!

We picked up a few things at Trader Joe’s and came home hungry. We both wanted to try some new recipes. We donned our aprons and the cooking began.

<insert mess here>




I found a fantastic recipe for cranberry sauce. FYI: To die for!!! It called for cranberries and blueberries, sugar, and Chardonnay.  I used a berry mix from Trader Joe’s instead of the blueberries. It has been Thanksgiving approved by the roommate and myself. Cousins here it comes!!!

The roomy made a great butternut squash dish and pasta dish. Both received the Thanksgiving stamp of approval.


Are you adding something new this year to your Thanksgiving feast?






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