Because of the Brave!

I live in the land of the free because of the brave!

I have some very special Brave people in my life.

My daddy fought in Vietnam and because of his exposure to agent orange died when I was 33. Just so you know… he is my favorite Vet.  




My Endometriosis Specialist also fought in Vietnam. He flew many a dangerous mission.  He will tell you all about his flying. Of course you will have to sit through his horridly bad jokes. I mean, I adore your jokes Dr. Dulemba!








Then there is my step-brother who is on active duty and deployed. Therefore, I will not post a picture of him. Although, I have met some other great Brave in my day. See….


259840_1398210011791_7402161_n 255675_1398150410301_2553348_n 255065_1398242972615_183979_n 253585_1398199931539_5726499_n 249421_1398214331899_3522488_n 248660_1398151410326_6399325_n 260475_1398200571555_7551156_n 284172_1448850517772_4301191_n



Because of you, Brave, I am able to sit on my couch and eat ice cream in my pajamas! You are the best!





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