What a Busy Weekend -or- Not

Friday was a busy day for me. After passing my kidney stone I went to work. Bad call; but, who knew I was going to be so utterly exhausted and in pain from that 3 mm thing?!? Lesson learned.  I had to come because grades were due, lesson plans were due, and they had a Bible test.  I did have a wonderful parent stop by and grade tons for me. My angel that day, indeed.

When work was over I had the honor of celebrating my little cousins 8th birthday with her. I just LOVE this girl.



Saturday rolled around and my battle with the stones caught up to me like a brick wall. I had a few good hours early that morning and was in my normal sewing and blogging flow. A few stockings cut out and some Freckled Beauties scheduled to post but that was as far as I was able to go.

There was a cousin (with my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cousins) girls day planned for Kenzie’s birthday. We were getting our nails done. I have been looking forward to this for a month and was unable to go. I had to take something for the pain and needed to just rest. Kenzie I owe you a girls day!


The fact that I missed out on our day did turn a little positive for me. I was forced (by forced I mean lovingly gazed upon) to notice the season. FALL! We had about two weeks of it in Texas. The leaves changed and fell all in that time. The leaves have been changing here since September. They are so gorgeous. Breathtaking to be honest with you. So, forced down time was not as bad as it could have been.





Sunday rolled around and I was pretty productive. There was church, JoAnn’s Fabric store (I bought for stocking fabric for less then $5.00 total for 3 stockings), and Trader Joe’s all completed and unloaded by 1:00.  I made salmon for the first time ever and it was yummy!





After that the energy I did have was gone. I plopped on the couch and a roomie and I watch Bomb Girls. The she read 5 chapter of The Magicians Nephew to me. She is in theater and likes to practice reading and doing voices. Let me just tell you she nailed the British accents. Job well done Abigail!!! I can’t wait for the next 5 chapters.

How was your weekend?


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