Stones, And Not The Rolling Kind!

I am feeling very much out of the loop this week. My normal blog day for the week is Saturday. I love to get up when all the roommates are still all snug in their beds and sew and blog. My favorite! This past Saturday did not work out as I would have liked. I did; however, get two skirts cut out for a co-worker before the migraine of all migraines set in. Before I moved back home to Virginia this summer my BFF was a lifesaver. She is a physical therapist (along with many other things) and would use her PT powers for the good. I did not have that this time. UGH

I was back in bed before the roommates awakened and stayed there until church the next morning. Okay, I did go downstairs at random times to get a drink and plead for a shoulder rub.

I woke up Sunday feeling tons better and got ready for church. Which was great, by the way. After church and grocery shopping I was done. The migraine was attempting to come back. I called it a day and became a vegetable again.


Monday morning rolled around with my head in the toilet at 3:00A.M.!  After two hours of solid throwing up I broke down and sent my cousin (the EMT) a text telling him what was going on. I confessed I was at a 9 on the pain scale and was told to book-it to the ER. I, true to form, ignored that silly advice. Thinking to myself, “I can do this! I’m only at a 9. You go to the ER when you hit a 10 and not before.” That line of thinking lasted for 30 minutes before the shaking set in. That’s when I sucked it up and begged a roommate to take me to the ER.


We are high tailing it down the highway with the passengers side door cracked open so I could continue to dislodge my insides. Why didn’t you roll the window down, you may be asking. That was because the window did not work. No worries I was buckled up.  I tell her to pull a “Grey’s Anatomy” and pull directly up to the ER doors and yell for help. She did not yell. That was a bummer.


I was rolled into the ER and they looked at me and said two words I never ever ever wanted to hear, KIDNEY STONES!  Evidently that is the magic ticket! I was taken straight back. Who would have thought?!?


LOTS of pain meds, a CT, and two liters of fluids later I was told I was the proud owner of THREE kidney stones.  Yes, that’s right, 3!  The big daddy stone was too close to the bladder for surgery and the other two were still in my kidneys.  Now it is the waiting game. 





Now I am drinking mega loads of water and dashing out of my classroom to the restroom. I have a roommate that gets up early just to make sure I am starting my day with 8 ounces of water. She also makes sure I leave the house with one of these filled to the brim.   




It’s Friday and, as far as I know, I am still the proud owner of 3 kidney stones.  


Here is a fantastic list of herbs that I found to help with the situation naturally.  What have you tried that has helped with kidney stones?






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