Rosie the Riveter, Uncle Si, and An Escapee

In my first 12 years of teaching participating in “Spirit Day” was frowned upon. What if there was an unscheduled parent conference.  It was said that it would be hard to take us (the teacher) serious if we were in our “Spirit Day” gear.

BUT, year 13 has come! Now, I’m in a new school that I ADORE!!!  The principal is phenomenal and encourages participation in all things fun. So, today, I participated. That’s right I PARTICIPATED!

Rosie the Riveter made her debut today!


Did you know that “Rosie” is a Starbucks fan?!?!? The things we learn.


To my surprise, Rosie and Uncle Si are friends. Again, the things we learn. In this situation Uncle Si is a super sweet little girl in kindergarten.


I could not resist getting a shot of her in my classroom! Simply adorable.


We were also greeted by an escapee from the psych ward. How fitting on this full moon Friday.


Look at me posting TWO posts in ONE day. Plus, how many post can you find with Rosie the Riveter, Uncle Si and a psych ward escapee in them?!?!?!

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Rosie the Riveter, Uncle Si, and An Escapee

  1. Can I like this post 10 MORE TIMES??! 😀 Uncle Si!!! AH! I love it! And you ROCK the “Rosie” look! Seriously!! And I like how you framed and put graphics on your pictures.. way cool!! You Rock, T.!! 😀


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