Neptune Festival

Talk about fun! Aside from the windburn, sunburn, hordes of people, exhaustion, parking ticket, and pain I had a blast! See….


We made the parade! WOOT WOOT

1374188_3515326618383_407318794_n 1379669_3515328698435_62520269_n 625523_3515331378502_1872799062_n

Is it just me or do parades become a bit redundant??? So we moved on to the Pier and Boardwalk.

993701_3515325138346_1708410926_n 1238344_3515307537906_1390303869_n 946024_3516138038668_917656629_n

This little museum was on the Boardwalk and FREE! We stopped in. The sign totally cracked me up!


We came upon the free sculptures and were super excited to see the international competition mega sculptures. HMMMM- the line was an hour long and we were starving. We settled with the free ones and found some food.

1382102_3515338338676_1691640452_n 1381898_3515341778762_1311310312_n


Mr. Neptune himself!

1383492_3515335298600_1315464855_n 1382277_3515337178647_783348396_n

My most favorite Boardwalk sign!!!


Then the aftermath…..


The waves and wind impeded the wonderful regatta and only a few boats were out there. I was bummed.

All in all a great Saturday! A big thanks to my roommate for going with me!


2 thoughts on “Neptune Festival

  1. OH my goodness! First, I LOVE all the pictures!! I was taken away for moments and enjoyed the retreat with you looking at the water and sand and those pink fire trucks! 🙂 I like how you framed some of your pictures and added text… super AWESOME!
    And that last photo… your expression is PRICELESS! 🙂 So cute! And definitely… ouch! 😦 Thanks for sharing your trip. It was a treat.


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