Got A Little Crafty

I need a school spirited shirt for Friday’s so I can wear jeans at work. Jeans are what make Friday’s the BEST.

I was given a JoAnn’s gift card for my birthday and decided to see what they had. On a side note, the JoAnn’s here are cruddy compared to the one back in Texas.  I was able to find some iron on letters and numbers. For last minute spiritedness it’s a SCORE!

I dug in my closet and found a t-shirt that would work and for FREE I now own a school spirited t-shirt. BRING ON THE JEANS!!!



The fact that the letters and numbers are not straight do annoy me; but, I’m not the one that has to look at it all day. Plus, jeans people. Jeans!


HA! Maybe I will get a roommate to take a real picture so the letters are not backwards.

Here ya go! Free school spirit thanks to a gift card and my own closet.


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