A Year of Lasts: Part 1

Once I realized I was really leaving Texas and moving to Virginia it hit me that everything I did was my last time to do it.

*My last birthday with the BFF family

578872_2387623746516_1978088403_n 229075_2387020331431_2108473166_n

*My last batch of Mama Janie’s cookies from Heaven


*My last time to set my classroom up…


*My last faculty photo….

IMG_0210 377128_2396039676909_1392722730_n528096_2396035396802_1401475_n

My year continued with many many more lasts. I am blown away at how God moved during the year of “lasts” for me.  He opened doors that I thought would never be opened; and, closed some that I thought would never be closed.

Through it all God has remained the center of it all. I would be nothing without Him.

What is your story? Have you seen Him move in your life?


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