Made Me A Skirt

There is nothing like black and white damask! I could use it for anything!






I used my favorite pattern, Kati Cupcake Everyday Skirt, to create this beauty.

Made Me A Skirt

The pattern calls for 6 panels to be cut; but, I like it with 4. I only do the pleats for the front and not all the way around.  My reasoning is that using all 6 panels makes the skirt a little heavy for my liking.  Then again, the plus to using all 6 is the fullness it gives you.

The best part about using my pattern again is the money I have now saved. Each and every time I repeat a patter I have saved money. That money can then be used to buy MORE fabric. More fabric makes this Freackled Beauty super happy. Or as Phil Robertson would say, “HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!’

Look at me throwing in Duck Dynasty to a sewing post.  Hey! That’s a fact, Jack!


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