Farmers Market. Beach. Only $2.00!

That’s right only $2.00! I went to the farmers market and enjoyed the beach for only $2.00.

I know you are asking how; so, I will fill you in on my secret…. I walked!

I parked four blocks back in the infamous FREE PARKING zone. It beat the horrid fight for a parking spot with the tourists and I did not have to shell out $5.00  once I beat one of them to a spot.

I started my morning by walking around The Old Beach Farmers Market. I fell in love on the spot! What a fun place.


corn truck

I ran into my friend from typing class, Tonya. She is phenomenal! Just sayin’ She is the owner of a really yummy Vegan and Gluten Free bakery called My Vegan Sweet Tooth. Her GF chocolate chip cookies… TO. DIE. FOR. I had her ship them to me in Texas. Yep, that good.

Tonya and Me The Old Beach Farmers Market

After some long awaited bonding I huffed it to the beach.  This is when I soaked in some much needed vitamin D and my freckles expanded.

I decided to take a walk along the boardwalk towards the Pier. There were plenty of spots open on the sand. I kinda wish I would have packed my beach attire. I really need to invest in a beach tent….

I made it to the Fishing Pier and decided I wanted to venture on it and see what I would stumble upon. It cost me $2.00 and on I went.  There were fishermen everywhere and of every make and model. One kid caught a Blue Crab. He let it go and it scurried in the opposite direction. I saw some guys cleaning their fish. Gross and WAY cool all at the same time. It was really a nice relaxing walk. This time I wish I would have brought my book with me. That would have been nice. The waves crashing, the smell of saltwater, and no sand in my bum! The $2.00 was for as long as you wanted to stay on the Fishing Pier.

Such a great deal!

I walked back to my car in a different direction and soaked up more of the culture. I do love that I moved back home.

2.00 beach day

FYI: Rhonna Designs App = wonderful!


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