It’s Time

During my debating with God about moving half way across the country I told Him I wanted proof that this was Him and not me being silly….

I was on my way to a doctor’s appointment, an hour and a half away, and was thinking about what I had read in The Circle Maker the day before. I was thinking about who I wanted in my circle. It was during this time that I finally just opened up to God and cried. By the time I made it to my appointment I was drained, excited, and nervous (about the appointment). I knew I was suppose to move; but, I just did not know when or where.  By the way if you have not ready The Circle Maker you should.




I texted the BFF on my way home and asked if I could stop by. I was empty of tears and needed her to bounce things off of. We were in her kitchen (a normal gathering place for us) and I started to gush and spill what had happened in the car.

Me: I feel like God is getting me ready for a move. I think I’m moving back home.

BFF: I knew this was coming.

WHAT?!?! You knew this was coming and you couldn’t give a girl a heads up? That was what I wanted to say; but, instead I cried.

Here was conformation. But, God did not stop there.

The following Sunday I was at church and a friend came up to me and asked, “When are you moving?”. Just like that. No, “Hey, how ya doing?”.

Here was another conformation.

It gets better, too. In between choir practice and church starting I checked my FB. God strikes again with my friend from Virginia. The post said…. “It’s time.”

With that my year of “lasts” started.








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