Say What?!?

It was about a year ago that God started to really prepare my heart for a wild and crazy adventure. He wanted me to move back home to Virginia from Texas. He wanted me to do this as a single person.  Not married and with kids as I had always envisioned.

This is the short version of how this played out…

God: You are moving to Virginia.

Me: You must be smokin’ crack!

I’m pretty sure I may have just made somebody mad by that response. I can pretend that I’m holier then thou; but, why when God already knew I was thinking it. I like to talk to God like I would a close friend because He is.

There were a few months of debating with God about this move; and, well, God won. I packed up my PT Cruiser and away I went.

It has been a whirlwind ever since! Don’t worry… I will fill you in.



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