Why Lil Blue Boo?

Why Lil Blue Boo?

Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo came up on my radar about a year ago. She is the first person I have followed via a blog.

Why Lil Blue Boo?



*she puts her all into everything

*she is hilarious

*makes you look at yourself

*her very open fight with cancer


*her strength

*love for life

My list can go on; but, I think you understand and get the idea.

What a phenomenal post she put up Saturday. She talks about investing your life in others.

My life is opposite of Ashley’s. I don’t remember a time where I told God to leave me alone. I don’t remember running from Him or turning my back on Him. Even when my mom died and I became super depressed I did not run from God. I knew He was with me; but, I did not make an effort to be with Him. I was never mad at Him for her death nor daddy’s for that fact. I will tell you that I never though I would be turning 39 and NOT have my parents alive. There are still some hard times.

Well, back to Lil Blue Boo… Add it to you “must read” blogs. You will laugh, cry, maybe pee a little from the laughing, snort out loud when laughing, reflect on yourself, and grow as a person. Wait, I think I just gave away a little too much information about myself here…..


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