Did Some Sewing Today

I sat down today and whipped up a skirt.

I used my favorite pattern.

Skirt Pattern

It is a really simple skirt with an elastic waist band. Did I mention ELASTIC waist?!? I love me an elastic waist. It lets you expand and shrink without having to leave the top button undone. *wink*wink*

Once you buy a pattern and use the bagingahs  out of it you have saved money. How, you may ask? If you divide the amount of times you have used the pattern by the cost of the pattern soon it will be down to pennies.  I bought the pattern for $9.00 and have made six skirts, so far, therefore the pattern averages out to only costing me $1.50 per skirt!  HOLLA!!!! In my world I call that a bargain!

So, here is my skirt! I can’t wait to wear it. Girls night out please come soon!


Do you have a favorite pattern?


3 thoughts on “Did Some Sewing Today

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